Why Keg Wine?

True Pros

Wine by the keg is a relatively new phenomenon and some people are still raising an eyebrow asking, "Why?"  There are actually MANY great reasons why keg wine is actually, just what you needed. It's more cost effective, environmentally friendly and FRESH!

So... Why?

Who wants to worry about picking up boxes of wine bottles the week of the most important day of their life? Wineries fill a keg with approximately 26 bottles, with the same quality of their bottled wine and the transportation is so much easier. Fizzy Wheels is equip to chill, store and transport your kegs.



 Taste, there are two major things we worry about when it comes to good wine. First, good quality wine and then of course, freshness. Some people assume that wine on tap means lesser quality or lower cost wine (Franzia anyone?) This is completely false! Many wineries like to put their wine in a keg because of the freshness. The kegs make it possible so the wine never touches air or gas until it is served to your guests. It keeps service moving quickly so your guests glass is never empty. Wine on tap means the first glass poured is as fresh as the last.


Carbon Footprint?

As we have mentioned, each keg of wine holds 26 bottles. Those 26 bottles produce 39 lbs of packaging waste from boxes, bottle, foil wraps, corks and labels. There could be a 96% reduction in carbon footprint compared to wine poured out of a bottle over 20 years. And we're not done yet......one steel keg saves C02 emission equivalent to 28 trees.