1. Does Fizzy Wheels supply the alcohol for your event?

Unfortunately, state laws prohibit us to from providing the alcohol, but we are happy to supply a list of vendors for you to choose from. 

2.  Where do we serve?

We are serving the Greater Philadelphia, Jersey and Delaware area.

3. Can you rent Fizzy Wheel and Flash together?

That is exactly how we recommend it! The duo will make the perfect party at a 10% discounted price.... (boooyaaahhh) We offer Felix if you are looking for a smaller photo booth. 

3. Can Fizzy Wheels only serve wine?

No! Our dispensing system can serve Wine, Beer, Champagne, Moscow Mules and Birch Beer. You want it, we can make it happen!

4. Do you offer any juices or specialty cocktails?

Yes, we have an extensive and delicious mimosa bar and cocktail menu made with the freshest juices and fruit. Have you ever had a Paloma Mimosa or a Ginger Mule Mimosa? Have something special in mind?  We can make a personalized menu for you.

5. What's included in the trailer renter?


Flash comes with breakdown and set up of trailer, props, customized templates,photo backdrops & a USB of all photos

 Fizzy is Set up and break down of the trailer and kegs. High quality disposable stemware, we will be happy to give you vendor options if you require glassware.

6. What type of events can Fizzy,Flash, or Felix be rented for?

We are very versatile! All can be rented for weddings, graduation parties, showers and corporate events. Let’s make your next birthday party a memorable one!

7. How much space do you need for Fizzy and Flash?

Fizzy is a 6x9 trailer

Flash is a 15x8 trailer.


Felix is a digital Photo booth and can be added in any location and space.

This means they are both light and compact to fit into many different venues.

8. Do you need electricity?

Flash  & Felix do require electricity,

Fizzy not always, it will depend on your event. 

9. Do you include a bartender/photo attendant with the trailer?

No, and you won't hurt our feelings. We can train an approved caterer company to do the job. However, we can also include a quote for a RAMP certified bartender or photo booth attendant for your event. Flash does require a photo attendant during your event!

10. Where do we travel?

We love a road trip! We will travel 40 miles from our headquarters in West Chester, PA. After that there is a small travel fee per mile.

11. Liquor License?

Fizzy does not have her liquor license but she has lots of great vendors to make your selection easy.

12. Are we insured?

Yes, we have general liability and liquor liability for up to $1,000,000.